Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a username?

A username is a unique alternative user access to your account in Davao Directory. You may change or create your own username by setting it up in your profile page.

Usernames must begin with a letter (a-z) followed by a combination of letters and numbers.

What is a mobile or mobile number?

A mobile number is also a unique alternative user access to your account. It is literally your personal mobile number. You may register to Davao Directory through your mobile number. Upon registration, a temporary password for your newly created account will be sent to your mobile phone through the mobile number you have registered.

You may change your mobile number in your profile page and receive a confirmation SMS. It is imperative that Davao Directory will send a confirmation SMS to identify that the mobile number you are using to register is your own.

Mobile numbers are currently not yet supported in Davao Directory. However, it will be implemented in the near future.

What is a QR code?

QR code or quick response code is a two-dimensional code which contains an information readable by specific applications in smart phones which have a built-in or detachable camera. It is used to quickly decode information from the QR code to your smart phone.

Davao Directory supports QR codes for vCard and vEvent (coming soon). Using your smart phone, you can quickly download a certain establishment's business card or event by taking a photo of the QR code and then allow a QR code reader application to convert it into a contact information which you can immediately save in your mobile phone's contact list.

For iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, we recommend the free QRafter application which you can download here.

What are the shortcut keys for browsing Davao Directory?

If you need to quickly access the search box, press F2 or F3.
When navigating through the search page, you can use the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys.